“Soviet Posters” has more than 250 propaganda posters to show – from the time of the October Revolution until the end of the Cold War. All posters come from the private collections of Russian collector Sergo Grigorian. The motifs range from Stalin glorification and warnings about alco-holism to advertisements for ballet events. The majority of the collection is published here for the first time including works by Malevich and Rodchenko. The printed works of a number of anonymous artists are also interesting.

Maria Lafont
Soviet Posters – The Sergo Grigorian Collection
Prestel Verlag, München
288 Seiten / pages
19,95 EUR
ISBN 978-3-7913-3752-4

Urquiola’s hitlist
After Karim Rashid, Tom Dixon and Marcel Wanders it is now the turn of Span-ish designer, Patricia Urquiola:
She presents the most innovative products of the past two years in the “International Design Yearbook 2007”. Furniture, lights and textiles – the selection is of course subjective. “I do not believe in particular styles and schools of thought, but I think I have an inherent feel for what is contemporaneous and mod-ern,” she writes in the foreword.

Patricia Urquiola, Jennifer Hudson
(Hrsg. / Eds.)
The International Design Yearbook 2007
Laurence King Publishing, London
240 Seiten / pages
45 GBP
ISBN 978-1-85669-516-9

Own input
With its black rubber band fastener it is somewhat reminiscent of the Moleskine notebook. This is certainly no coincidence -as “ManuScript” is also a notebook. Most importantly, however, it is a work book which communicates basic information from the fields of design and interior architec-ture and is especially interesting for students and those about to start on their career. If you unstitch the Japanese binding, you can take notes on the inner sides of the pages or add drawings. A book that is an all-in-one guide and source of ideas.

Axel Müller-Schöll (Hrsg. / Eds.)
ManuSkript – Essentials für
den Alltag von Innen-architekten
und Designern
Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel
304 Seiten / pages
29,90 EUR
ISBN 978-3-7643-7819-6

Something to leaf through
For many, certain catalogs or brochures represent something akin to collector’s items. They are collected or hung on the wall. The book “Look at this” brings together a collection of brochures, catalogs, and multi-page documents with contemporary designs. In addition to detailed illustrations commentaries explain how each design came to be. An attractive volume which is primarily oriented to graphic designers who gain an overview of current catalog design and who wish to be inspired by such.

Adrian Shaughnessy
Look at this – Contemporary brochures, catalogues & documents
Laurence King Publishing, London
192 Seiten / pages
25 GBP
ISBN 978-1-85669-469-8

Nice and colorful.
Actually, it is too small to be a classical coffee table book. And it does not have enough depth to be a serious monograph. The book on Matali Crasset in the new series of daab monographs is a picture book in which one can browse through Crasset’s interior and cor-porate projects of the past seven years. A colorful mixture of Hi Hotel in Nice, restaurants, trade fairs all the way to dog salons. The accompanying texts in five (!) languages are too short to add anything to the book.

Matali Crasset
Spaces 2000-2007
daab, Cologne
176 Seiten / pages
19,95 EUR
ISBN 978-3-937718-89-7

Standing firm
In the 1960s, he designed his version of the Japanese Katakana syllable script. In the 1970s, he designed the election cam-paign for the SPD. Today, amongst other things, he is developing logos and packaging strategies for Japanese manufacturers. Helmut Schmid is one of the single most important typographers of the 20th century. Now for the first time, a monograph has been devoted to the work of
the qualified typesetter who has always advocated that design must stand firm. The book documents and analyses his work from the beginnings up to the present.

Fjodor Geijko et al. (Hrsg. / Eds.)
Helmut Schmid – Gestaltung
ist Haltung
Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel
345 Seiten / pages
69,90 EUR
ISBN 978-3-7643-7509-6

Rightly so
Is a slogan protected? When should one register a design patent? And what rights do designers have if they take part in a pitch? The authors are familiar with the legal questions that de-signers and agencies ask. They therefore shed light on the jungle of legal clauses – from client development through to project realization. In a clear, comprehensible manner based on 71 Q-&-A scenarios. The only disadvantage is that some of the questions are highly specialized.

Gunnar Berndorff, Barbara Berndorff, Knut Eigler
Designrecht – Die Antworten
PPV Medien, Bergkirchen
222 pages
28 EUR
ISBN 978-3937841052

Bless you, Bless!
Ten years of Bless – in other words ten years of experimental design: home-made leather shoes, felt wigs short at the front and long at the back, and clothing for chairs. The design duo Bless plays with current fashion codes, transcending the boundaries between art and design. This monograph documents their work, from the first collection no.00 through to no.29. Chaos would appear to be part and parcel of the concept, as it is never really clear what one is dealing with: with illustrations of invitations, excerpts from catalogs or quite simply just with photos of exhibitions?

Desiree Heiss, Ines Kaag (Eds.)
Bless – Celebrating 10 Years of
Lukas & Sternberg, Berlin/New York
496 pages
45 EUR
ISBN 978-1933128153

Big in Japan
Though Tokujin Yoshioka is only in his late thirties there is already a monograph on his work. Having created presentations and shops for Issey Miyake for years now, the Japanese designer is already regarded as one of the most influential in his home country. He is best known for his unusual use of light, paper and new materials. Wellknown fellow designers such as Miyake, Ingo Maurer and Ross Lovegrove contribute essays for the book.

Ryu Niimi et al. (Eds.)
Tokujin Yoshioka – Design
Phaidon, London
208 pages
39,95 GBP
ISBN 978-0714843971

Design it yourself
By revamping everyday articles, giving them a new function, and placing them in a different context, anybody can be a designer: An old fridge becomes a storage space for books. A clothes hanger serves as a radio aerial. An ironing board takes on a new function as a table. The two Cologne professors of design Uta Brandes and Michael Erlhoff call this non-intentional design. Their charming book is a collection of all manner of well-known to absurd examples of it.

Uta Brandes, Michael Erlhoff
Non Intentional Design
Daab, Köln
160 Seiten pages
14,95 EUR
ISBN 978-3937718934

Discount Edition
Conceived as the catalog for the recently opened Weißenhof Museum, this book documents the history of the housing estate in Stuttgart – from the initial plans in 1925 right through to the present day. Critics and supporters of the famous development air their views. According to the foreword the editors were particularly intent on finally publishing a book on the subject that represented value for money. While the wealth of documents is impressive the graphic design and poor quality of the images are alarming.

Manfred Ulmer, Jörg Kurz (Eds.)
Die Weißenhofsiedlung – Geschichte und Gegenwart
Hampp Verlag, Stuttgart
240 pages
19,90 EUR
ISBN 978-3-936682-05-2

Smart Materials
There are any number of books about materials in
general, but only very few deal with smart materials, whose features change on the back of certain external influences. The book is subdivided into materials, with features such as shape and color that can change, that can exchange energy or absorb another material. An extensive, in-depth overview for designers and architects.

Axel Ritter
Smart Materials
Birkhäuser, Basel
191 pages
69,90 EUR
ISBN 978-3-7643-7327-6

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