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Grafias 08

Janeiro 30, 2008


Mais informações,em http://www.glorys.com.pt

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UCLA preparations

Janeiro 25, 2008

Robert Hodgin’s

Jasper Morrison watch

Janeiro 25, 2008

jasper_morrison_radoThe Ceramica Chronograph Limited Edition by Rado is restyled by Jasper Morrison. It features new dials and proportions. The three counters, as always like three subtle random comets, have been redesigned and highlighted in gold, as all the other details on the dial. The minute indexes emphasize the highly graphic character of the model and form a rounded square towards the corners. Scarcely emerging from the case, the pushers signal the functions of this watch and are perfectly integrated into the profile of this model. Standing out: the golden crown matching each dial. As for the legendary ceramic, an innovative new development: matt appearance and exceptionally dense color, offer a striking contrast to the radiance of the gold and the brilliance of the black metalized crystal.



Ping Intressant.se

The on-line resource luxuryculture.com with the vision “sharing the art of living well” brings in their latest issue forward 16 of the world’s best concept stores. Among familiar ones like Milan’s Corso Como and Paris’ Colette you can read about the cool Restir shop in Tokyo and The Corner in Berlin. Don’t forget to check them out next time you are on a road trip. Below are a few more of their top pics. Now I’m just waiting for them to list Carlson Ahnell in Skanör/Sweden next year…five_green_dubai

Five green in Dubai


Pool in Munich


Via Garibaldi 12 in Genova

tata_nanoA few days ago Tata motors presented Tata Nano, the worlds cheapest car, also called “People’s car” or “One lakh” (which stands for 100 000 rupees). It’s like a revival of the ideas behind the Volkswagen (yeep, that’s means people’s car in German) was launched back in the 40’s in Germany. An inexpensive car for the masses.

The launch of the Tata Motors People’s Car is both good and controversial. Some questions pop up in my head.

• Is it a capitalizing on the country’s expanding middle class – or a transportation solution for the big masses?

• What will happen with the climate changes when millions of new people (in Asia, Africa, Latin America etc) will start to drive cars?

• If you think that is bad, isn’t it double standard when we in Western countries deny others a development we ourselves had the opportunity to take part in earlier?

• Could it be a push forward for other car brands that smaller engines create less carbon dioxide?

What do you think about Tata Motors People’s car – the Tata Nano?


MacBook Air from Apple

Janeiro 25, 2008

If you like Apple (is there something else…) the new MacBook Air was announced by Steve Jobs earlier today at the MacWorld Expo. See for yourselves below. I agree with Apple that the MacBook Air is truly thinnovation…





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Museu Berardo Concurso

Janeiro 17, 2008

O Museu Colecção Berardo lançou um concurso para a sua nova loja, com o objectivo de encontrar o melhor designer para a criação de uma gama exclusiva de produtos e merchandising. Qualquer pessoa com imaginação poderá participar. Se acha que está à altura deste desafio, faça o download do regulamento em baixo e comece de imediato! O último dia para entrega das propostas é 31 de Março de 2008.

Boa sorte!

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