Dezembro 5, 2007

maastricht bookstore in church by merkx+girod

the annual ‘lensvelt de architect’ interior design prize for 2007 was awarded to the amsterdam-based architects of
merkx+girod architects for their design of the ‘selexyz dominicanen bookstore’ in maastricht. the unique shop is
installed in a former church, preserving the structure and finding a new use. the award jury was impressed by the
studio’s use of the space and its unique lighting.

jewelry design by nervous system

jessica rosenkrantz, one member of the design duo ‘nervous system’, has shared some of their work with us.
the pair create experimental jewelry which use unique materials like silicone rubber and stainless steel,
along with rapid prototyping technology. their forms are reminiscent of both nature and computer forms. they have
two lines of jewelry named radiolaria and dendrite. the dendrite line can be customized by the customer using
a computer applet that allows them to draw their own shape to be manufactured.

art review: digital now online

thanks to the yudu publishing service, art review is now offering a digital version of their printed publication.
you can now sign up to view the magazine online free for six issues. the site is very fast, allowing you to flip
through at any pace you want. the first online issue from october is now available and features artist,
subodh gupta on its cover. the digital issues are fully downloadable, feature enriched content such as video of
artists and artwork and are hyper-linked so you can browse the magazine as you would a website.

‘pure perfection’ by baldwin & guggisberg

‘catapult’ by baldwin & guggisberg

philip baldwin and monica guggisberg are well known figures in the world of glass art. they will be showing for the
first time in london at vessel gallery from january 25th to february 16th 2008. the swiss american couple use glass
technique from around the world to create their unique variety of glass work. titled ‘pure perfection’, this show
explores, ‘one of the fundamental symbols of all cultures throughout humanity’s sojourn on earth, the sphere
embodies our sense of community, the wholeness of things, cosmic universality.’

‘by crook’ by baldwin & guggisberg

‘amber dancer’ by baldwin & guggisberg

‘kilo’ by 366cm

vincent from 366cm has shared a product from their latest collection with us. titled ‘kilo’, the design is a
paving stone that has been engraved with a laser with its exact weight written in grams. each model
has a different weight, making them all completely unique.

designboom shop: christmas cassette wallets

the designboom shop has added new design souvenirs just in time for the holiday season. the latest
addition is a series of new christmas themed cassette wallets by marcello foschi. these retro wallets
are hand-made from old christmas cassette tapes. so whether you hear ‘silver bells’ or dream of a
‘white christmas’, we have the perfect christmas wallet for you!

designboom interview: paulo mendes da rocha

paulo mendes da rocha
portrait © designboom

we met the brazilian architect paulo mendes da rocha in cagliari during the festarch festival
of contemporary architecture. he is well-respected for his work around the world, recently
winning the 2006 pritzker prize of architecture.

read the full interview with paulo mendes da rocha

the paulistao athletic club, 1958, sao paulo, brazil
courtesy paulo mendes da rocha

master plan for the technological city, part of the vigo university, 2004, spain

‘walk of flame’ by studio frederik roijé

studio frederik roijé has sent us a preview of one of their newest projects; ‘walk of flame’ is a five arm floor
candelabra made of metal tubes, bent into position. it is designed for warming up interiors in the winter, but would
be just as useful for summer nights outside.

oscar niemeyer

at design miami 07
‘rio’ chaise lounge’ & ‘sesc hotel’ sofa by oscar niemeyer / r 20th century

‘chinese stools’ by wieki somers

chinese stools by wieki somers

in addition to presenting the ‘surrounded by objects’ design performance, dutch designer wieki somers will be
showing her ‘chinese stools: china copied by dutch’ during design miami. this series of furnishings was influenced
by somers’ one month stay in beijing, china, where she worked with local craftsmen to create products from the
improvised furniture of beijing. she cast a series of the chairs in aluminum, preserving them forever. the finish of
the pieces is influenced by the more modern side of beijing; its public display of prosperity. in addition she will be
showing her project ‘bellflower’ that was part of droog design’s ‘dry tech’ project. the lamp uses high-tech fibers
that create the form and conduct electricity to the light source.

for more on improvised seating in china, see our coverage of michael wolf’s exhibition, ‘seating in china’

chinese stools by wieki somers

chinese stools by wieki somers

bellflower by wieki somers

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