Pocoyo “The movie”

Outubro 10, 2007



Maybe is a good idea, maybe not..we are deeply thinking about it, first of all it`s not the same 6 minutes script than 90 minutes…long way! Will it works?..and what about white backrounds…definitily we have to think about other places, underwater, space, yes, but some more also…
Its going to be a huge challenge, but what if is it possible!!!…lets give it a try, at least lets see how a Pocoyo script for a film would be.
We are already involved in the develop of a new series and we are not planning doing Pocoyo´s 3rd seasion by the moment. It´s too long to explain here why, we first need to consolidate the series, and this is really hard for a preschool one. I think we will, but in the next years and at this time we will need to develop diferent contents as, for istance the movie.
We did some tries with the illumination which is one of the more important issues in this adventure as long as we just work with this caracteristics white backgrounds and global ilumination.
Samanta Undari, the profesional who´s in charge of the matter, did a great job bringing Pocoyo to the inside sets, here you have a couple of examples.



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