Knockout design from Poland

Setembro 5, 2007

In this short article from series from Salone Satelite 07 we will focus on group of three girls (Magda Juszczak, Dorota Kabała and Maya Ober) from Poznan – Poland with name KOd – Knockout design. Here you can see some of their work and picture from stand at the fairground how people interacted with their designs.



About group – Their own words
Dorota and Magda got to know each other in the kindergarten waiting for their parents who were always very late. At the high school, they met Maya, and all of them started attending art classes given by Bulgarian painter Ventzislav Piriankov. In the course of design studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, they started to make projects together and that is how KOd was born. It was more a joke rather than a serious vision of a design group; we are still amazed that it worked out.

„Take away: step by step”


Description: I like changes. I like to travel. I like to walk. I take my table. I go. I choose a place. I stop. Take off my shoes…and leave a small footprint as a memory of my trip. Easy to store and carry. materials: cardboard, shoe-lace, stickers. dimensions: table 585×585x345mm; flat 1000×1000×1,4mm. Author: Dorota Kabała 2007

Shelves “blossom” and „Coffee dress”


Shelves “blossom” Description: Changes are important in our life. I love changes. what about you? To love changes is to love blossoming. Blossom like a bud. Open when its needed and close when there is nothing to store. dimensions: open:1000×300x300mm, closed:1000×400x10mm Author: Magda Juszczak 2007

„Coffee dress” Description: ooops!!! I did it again! I poured coffee/wine/coke etc on my dress…I don’t care. Stains are so beautiful! materials: cotton, screen print. Author: KOd, Marta Florkowska 2006/2007

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