Jasna Mujkic from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Setembro 5, 2007

Other designer who has been exhibiting at Salone Satelite 07 is Jasna Mujkic from Bosnia and Herzegovina with her arm chair project: FIELD. Here is the photo of design at the fairground and authors description.

Authors own words:
The idea for a Field armchair is mostly generated by my experience of having a baby. When mother is holding a baby in her lap, her body can adapt to any position that will respond to baby’s needs, sitting, reclining, sleeping. That is a kind of flexibility that we could hardly find anywhere else. My basic idea was to give a small amount of that flexibility to an armchair, so I changed some fixed points and gave them quality of movement.

A small, light armchair has the ability to transform into an easy chair. It is an upholstered metal frame with locking joints. The new thing is lightness and possibility of transformations to suit our needs. The space is not occupied by an object; it is more likely enriched through transformations.

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