Art Academy of Latvia

Setembro 5, 2007

Art Academy of Latvia has been exhibited at Salone Satelite 07. They showed project made by its students and tutors with name minimum / maximum. Idea was “minimal use of means, maximal result. So new designers had a problem to solve. This problem solving was based on everyday life in Western culture which can easily be described today in one word – RUSH!!! “. Lets see their works and stand at the fairground in Milan.
Kaspars Jursons Chiks

Maximally space saving and easy transformable seat what gives a solution of relaxational problems when there’s nothing to sit on.
Janis Valdmanis Yoke

The Yoke facilitates carrying of bottles. Don’t forget that man has to drink 2 liters of water every day.

Gundega Zake Godspeed

The Godspeed is a new kind of prayer bench which is easy to use in different positions.
Parallel to its main function, it could also be used as a bench at home, school, clubs, sport hall etc.

Indra Merca Easy Cup

A collapsible cup for people in a hurry. It is easy transformable into a business card.
Stand at the fairground Salone Satelite 07

Means of saving energy, materials and recourses are becoming more and more important. We don’t have enough space in the city as well as in our houses and apartments but the number of our needs is increasing. Consumer society is swimming in goodies and stuff. That is main idea of the stand – keep our daily needs by refusing unreasonable use of space, materials and resources. – just like V. Caps (inventor of Minox) did in the 30’s when he refused the huge photo camera which could be used only by professionals. Today designers are not only creators of things. They also share responsibility of overproduction and harm to the environment caused by industries. Today’s designer offers his help.

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