clickykbd’s picks – issue 26

Julho 23, 2007

A long overdue selection of my picks from the the Camera Toss pool on flickr. Hover over a thumbnail to see attribution, click to follow to the original image on flickr.

Untitled (by j neuberger) Yeah! (by *kasten) Kinetic 466_Exactly 10,000 (by mtnrockdhh) Toss 4 (by Dianic) Kinetic 457_Blue Sevilhanas (by mtnrockdhh)
fast food (by _ferro_) First Flying Shoot (by manisch creatief) parthenogenesis_1 (by tossthecam) camera toss sunset (by j neuberger) Green & Red (by AH in Pgh)
DSCN0716 (by QuakkauQ) Virgin Mother (by Paul_Canning) DSC07242_1 (by tossthecam) Fairground Toss 6 (by earthfromtheground) Camera Toss in the Garden (by MIGUEL™)
White Turn (by davespilbrow) FlickrToss (by davespilbrow) TV Slinky (by breakofdawn) Fleur de Lyghts (by earthfromtheground) fanatic (by mappamundi)
still tossing with the flash on (by kittymorgan) Celtic Not (by earthfromtheground) Camera toss (by OLDSKOOLDAVE) Throwing Up (by jump4joy) Building new POWER with building dance (by sullian)

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